Estate Planning

We help you in transitioning your assets to your loved ones safely

Wills and Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan and writing a will ensures your loved ones are cared for the way you would want. Estate planning is an important part of your financial management and an effective way of preserving your legacy.

BloomWealth partners with expert specialist legal advisors to provide you with efficient and reliable estate planning tools. These tools are matched with our in-depth tax and financial planning strategies to achieve your desired outcome.

Your hard earned wealth will be successfully transferred to your loved ones with a minimum of expense and effort.

Estate Planning for Doctors

Estate Planning Services

Speak with us about accessing any of the services below with regard to your wealth management and estate planning. We stand ready to assist.


Writing a will can be a challenging and sometimes confronting process. We provide assistance in all aspects of creating a will from appointing an executor to ensuring the will is legally binding. Preserve your legacy and write a will.

Power of Attorney

Knowing there is a trusted person (or people) who can make appropriate decisions in your place is a great comfort. The Power of Attorney appoints your chosen party to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf.

Power of Guardianship

In the event of the unexpected, you want to ensure your children are properly cared for. Naming a guardian and setting suitable financial measures in place to support them is a difficult but vital task. We can assist with this process.

Testamentary Trust

A testamentary trust can be setup as part of your will. This can aid both asset protection as well as provide discretionary monetary distributions to your beneficiaries. Speak with us about the circumstances that may benefit from this structure.

Protect Your Legacy

Life can lead to many interesting or unexpected places. Preserve and protect your choices for your beneficiaries through clear instructions and considered choices of Attorneys or Guardians.

Speak with us about the estate planning options open to you and how they can fit with your tax and financial plans.