Trust Setup Authorisation Form V2

We at BloomWealth truly appreciate you for considering us to be your companion in setting up your trust. 

As you may already know, setting up a trust in Australia poses a lot of advantages; among these are tax planning strategies, and asset protection

So let us take the time to congratulate you for taking the first step towards good financial management. 

To start the process, please complete the Trust Setup Authorisation Form so we can identify the general details, and structure of your company. Below are the information that you will need in order to complete this form:

  • Authoriser's Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Type of Trust
  • New Trust's Name and Address
  • Beneficiaries' Name, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth
  • Appointors' Full Name and Business Address
  • Settlors' Full Name and Business Address
  • If the trustee is an individual:
    • Trustee's Full Name
    • Trustee's Date and Place of Birth
    • Trustee's TFN
    • Trustee's Home Address
  • If the trustee is a company:
    • Company Name and Address
    • Shareholders' Full Name
    • Shareholders' Date and Place of Birth
    • Shareholders' Home Address
    • Directors' Name and TFN
    • Directors' Date and Place of Birth
    • Directors' Home Address

Please note that the professional services of setting up a company will cost $2,500+GST, a total of $2,750.00. A separate invoice will be sent to you once the set up has been completed.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 1300 79 61 60.

Once again, thank you for choosing BloomWealth. We look forward to to have the pleasure of doing business with you.

BloomWealth Team



  • I, the undersigned, hereby request and authorise BloomWealth Accounting to utilise information specified above to setup and register a trust with structures as specified above.
  • I guarantee that all information provided above is true and correct and I understand that this information will be given to relevant Australian authorities.
  • I agree to pay any fees charged by BloomWealth Accounting in related to this service as per a tax invoice provided separately.
  • I understand that I am responsible to inform BloomWealth Accounting of any changes to the details I have provided above.
  • I understand that I may need to provide further information in regards to other tax and business registration after the company setup.
  • I understand that if I wish to stop this service I may do so by contacting BloomWealth Accounting immediately on +61 2 9037 4109