Tax & Accounting services

Our goal is to minimise your tax bill, year after year

Professional tax and accounting services form the foundation for effective ongoing financial management. Beyond the standard completion of tax returns, BloomWealth offer a full tax planning and advisory service. We review the tax implications for your entire financial position, all aimed at helping you achieve your financial goals.

Accountants for Medical Professionals

Doctors and medical professionals have special financial and tax needs. BloomWealth have many years experience with the tax obligations and opportunities due to medical practitioners.

As the financial needs of medical professionals differ from many others, too often they receive poor financial advice. This can lead to the payment of excess tax, or even worse, ATO audits or fines.

BloomWealth provides sound financial and tax advice to help minimise your tax obligations and risk. This ensures that more of your income is available for investment and wealth creation to achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals.

Tax planning meeting with doctor

Tax Planning

We provide bespoke tax planning strategies suited to each client’s individual financial circumstances. This helps to minimise the paying of excess tax and reduce the risk of unexpected tax debts or liabilities. By minimising your tax, an effective tax plan helps provides additional funds to build wealth through effective financial planning.


Keeping your financial records up to date ensures that you always have a clear overview of your financial position. We help keep your accounts in order and available to provide on-the-fly information about your expenditure, earnings and investments. Take the stress out of your accounting management.

Tax Returns

Submitting your annual tax return finalises your accounts for the relevant financial year. BloomWealth complete your tax returns based upon your tax plan and a clear understanding of your financial goals. This provides the greatest opportunity to minimise your tax liability and ensure more funds are available for wealth creation or lifestyle.

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Understanding Tax Deductions for Doctors