Super Fund

We guide you in achieving your retirement goals

Superannuation (also known as “Super”) is a financial tool designed to help save for your retirement. Super funds are important with regard to retirement and financial planning. Self-Managed Super is an option that should be considered carefully as part of your retirement strategy.

The savings inside your super fund are used for investment purposes. Modern super funds are able to access a wide range of investing options, from shares and managed funds through to property investment.

Self Managed Super Funds for Doctors

Choosing Your Super

BloomWealth take an active role in managing your superannuation investments. We review your current superannuation and determine effective strategies to maximise the return on your investments.

Our recommendations cover aspects from additional voluntary super contributions through to the investment strategy of the fund itself. We are with you all the way from setting up your superannuation, through ongoing management, to existing upon retirement.

Super Contributions

We help determine the ideal required contributions for your retirement goals. Are voluntary contributions worthwhile and are there other options open to you? Additionally, BloomWealth ensures that the mandated super contributions are being paid into your account in a timely manner.

Managing Your Super

Suitable management of the investments made within your super will have a major impact on the end benefit. We monitor and manage your superannuation growth over time to match your desired level of risk vs reward and ensure your fund is performing well.

Exiting Superannuation

Retirement can be a stressful time of life despite the promise of rest and relaxation. We help make sure everything proceeds according to plan and the process is as easy as possible. Under certain circumstances we can even help arrange early access to your benefit.

Setting Up Your Self-Managed Super Fund

Based upon our initial planning session with you, BloomWealth can also recommend whether self-managed super may be a suitable option. Self-managed super funds (often known as “SMSF” or “DIY Super”) allow you to more directly manage your investment portfolio. This can have a major impact upon the long-term growth of your superannuation fund.

Through an SMSF we can access a broader range of investment options suitable for your financial goals. This can include both commercial and residential real estate investments in addition to more standard investment products.

Self-Managed Super Setup

We help setup the structure of your superannuation and provide financial advice on the investment strategies open to your SMSF. BloomWealth develop effective strategies to help match your self-managed super investments with your retirement goals.

SMSF Administration

As part of the administration of your superannuation we prepare and lodge required financial statements and the annual SMSF tax returns. We also help manage any required independent audits to ensure the process is easy and stress-free.

SMSF Compliance

Whilst there are clearly defined rules surrounding the use of investment funds within an SMSF, BloomWealth areĀ  experienced with all superannuation legal requirements. We will take care of any legal compliance and keep you fund on-track and running smoothly.

Making Superannuation Easy

The ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding Australian superannuation can make it confusing and full of uncertainty. We help take the stress out of your super as well as providing financial planning services to maximise your return.