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We Are Your Personal Mortgage Brokers

Loans and finance are an area of financial management that strongly influence both lifestyle and wealth creation. Reviewing existing debt and planning for future purchases can have a powerful impact on your financial position. This can improve the range and flexibility of your financial options moving forward.

Doctors and medical professionals, executives and small business owners lead very busy lives. Because of this, it can often seem like there is not enough time to deal with personal financial matters. BloomWealth are experienced money management advisors assisting you with all areas of your personal finances, including home and investment loans. We reduce the stress surrounding your financial matters and help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Financial Planning for Doctors

Home and Investment Loans

Accessing suitable finance for property purchases can feel like an overwhelming task. BloomWealth help you make sense of home and investment loan options. We help you every step of the way from application to settlement and beyond.

Tax Efficiency and LVRs

Are you getting the best tax offset from your existing mortgage loans? BloomWealth review your existing Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVRs) and help you make the most from your money. Our recommendations can aid both tax efficiency and wealth creation. 

Better Rates

Are you getting the best interest rates and value from your home or investment loans? We review home loans for both competitive interest rates as well as the suitability of loan features for your long-term financial and investment goals. 

Debt Restructuring

Financial equity can easily get locked up in poor loan structuring and securitisation. BloomWealth can help restructure existing debt to gain access to the equity available in your properties. This freed equity becomes useable for reinvestment, or redirection to a desired goal.

Debt Consolidation

A busy modern-day life can involve many forms of financial debt. These range from credit-cards and personal loans, to property mortgages and car finance. BloomWealth can consolidate multiple debts into a more cost effective and streamlined package, saving both money and time.

Medical Practice Finance

Setting up your own medical practice? Starting a medical practice is often a personal and professional goal for many medical professionals, however, there can be many costs involved. We can help source and arrange the finance to help this goal become a reality.