Financial Planning

We plan your way towards financial success

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a vital and central aspect of most financial and wealth creation strategies and decisions. BloomWealth are a registered financial advisor for medical professionals and other high net-worth individuals.

Your financial plan will become the working document, around which many financial decisions are made. It will combine both short- and long-term goals, and wealth creation strategies. It will include a range of financial products and services that are aimed at reaching those desired goals.

BloomWealth Financial Advisors for Doctors

Our Financial Planning Service

BloomWealth provide financial advice and recommendations only after we understand your existing financial situation.
We have a specifically designed process whose goal is to understand, research and discover the right options for you.
We learn about your current financial position and existing assets. We seek to understand your goals and aspirations, whether personal, professional or financial; for yourself as well as your family.
We explore and research your current position to better understand the details of existing financial products. From these we determine any gaps in your financial plan or alternative products that may deliver better outcomes.
Based upon the previous stages, we develop a comprehensive financial plan and strategy for you. This covers all aspects of your ongoing personal financial management from legal structures and risk management (insurance) through to the selection of suitable investment products.
We roll up our sleeves and put our financial advice into action for you. The decisions made as part of the strategy stage are implemented and monitored to ensure they are meeting expectations.

Our Financial Advice

Any financial consultant should be able to provide advice on investment products such as managed funds. BloomWealth offer much more comprehensive financial advisory services looking into all aspects of your financial management. This creates a synergy which we believe makes BloomWealth one of the best financial advisors in Australia.


Recommendations for savings in order to maintain liquidity whilst maximising wealth creation opportunities.

Risk Management

Ensuring that you have suitable professional and personal insurance coverage for yourself and your family.


Managing your existing superannuation or setting up and administering a self-managed super fund (SMSF).

Retirement Planning

Understanding your long-term goals and assisting the transition between working life and retirement.

Real Estate Investing

Helping to build investment property portfolios and select properties which meet growth and yield goals.

Tax Planning

Taxation planning to ensure all your obligations are met, as well as managing and minimising your tax liabilities.

Investment Products

Access to a vast range of financial investment options through shares, managed funds and more.

Bringing It Together

Bringing all the elements together into a complementary whole, with each aspect supporting the others.

Financial Advice for Doctors and Medical Professionals

When providing financial planning for physicians, surgeons, dentists, or any others, there are often financial products available only to medical professionals. Similarly, with high net-worth clients and small businesses, there are financials options open to them that are not typically accessible to others.

BloomWealth are experienced with these specialised personal investment services and can help you access them.

Speak with us now about your financial goals and let us help you meet them.