Client Communications Portal

Our Communication

­­­Clear communication and easy access to relevant financial information is a vital aspect of achieving desired outcomes for your financial goals. Our innovative client portal is a centralised repository for all your financial information, strategies, conversations and recommendations.

You can access your information anywhere, anytime through our dedicated smartphone app (for both Apple and Android). Alternatively, you can log into the client communications portal via a traditional website interface.

Document Management

Easily upload documents, papers, receipts and other important information. No more scanning documents (unless you want to); simply photograph and upload from your phone.

Easy Communication

Ask questions about your current financial position. Exchange information on current strategies. Search for details of a previous conversation or recommendation. All possible.

Central Repository

One location for all your taxation, legal and financial planning documents and information. The centralised storage point provides easy access when it is needed, for us as well as you.

Access Anywhere

Whether you prefer smartphone or desktop, you can access the portal from anywhere. Sign in via web interface or through the dedicated smartphone app (for both Android and Apple).

Secure and Safe

Our communications portal uses encryption technology that meets the strict security requirements of the financial industry. Feel safe that all communications are kept secure.

Advanced Features

Our portal contains advanced features such as screen-sharing, video meeting and messaging, and digital signatures. All designed to make financial management and communication easier.

Making Financial Communications Easier

We believe our communications portal provides a major step towards exceptional financial management. By having a secure and centralised location for all your information, leveraging financial plans and wealth creation strategies becomes so much easier.

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