Tax and Financial Advisors for

Doctors, Professionals and Small Businesses

Tax and Financial Advisors for

Doctors, Professionals and Small Businesses

About BloomWealth

Bloomwealth provides financial services to doctors, professionals and small businesses located in Australia.

We are a team of experienced and qualified professionals comprised by accountants, financial advisers, banking consultants and lawyers dedicated to providing high-quality services to help you in achieving your financial goals through a tailored, tax-efficient financial strategy.

BloomWealth Financial Advisors for Doctors

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Which financial service do you need?

BloomWealth offer holistic personal financial management and advisory services for doctors, medical practitioners, and other high-income professionals.

Our services cover the full range of our client's financial needs. From tax planning, accounting and personal finance management, through to wealth creation, property investing and estate planning.

Tax & Accounting

Professional tax and accounting services form the foundation for effective ongoing financial management. Beyond the standard completion of tax returns, BloomWealth offer a full tax planning and advisory service. We review the tax implications for your entire financial position, all aimed at helping you achieve your financial goals.

Banking and Financial Planning

Access to quality debt can be vital for advancing both personal lifestyle and long-term financial goals. We ensure that your existing equity is flexible and available to use for your chosen goals. From arranging home loans for owner-occupied or investment property, to consolidating or restructuring existing debt, we can help.

Real Estate

Real estate investment is much more than just buying a property; it is understanding the factors that make a good investment. BloomWealth explore property locations to determine suitability for both capital growth and rental returns. These are matched to your overall financial circumstances to help you choose the best investment property.


Superannuation is an effective financial tool designed to help you save for your retirement. Careful management of your superannuation investments can have a strong impact on your wealth when you retire. BloomWealth can help manage all aspects of your superannuation, including setup and administration of self-managed super funds.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is about developing and following a defined wealth creation strategy to help you reach your desired financial goals. BloomWealth create a customised financial plan based upon both short-term and long-term goals, and your individual financial situation. We access a full range of investment products recommended to match your investing style.

Estate Planning

Good financial management ensures that your loved ones are cared for under any circumstances. Writing a strong will and careful estate planning are an important element of this. Make sure that your hard earned wealth is received by your beneficiaries with a minimum of stress, cost or delay.

How it works

We have working process in place that, through experience, we have found achieves excellent results.



This is where we learn about you. We want to understand your personal, professional and financial goals and aspirations. We learn about your financial position and current assets. We'll answer any questions you may have about us.



Based upon the discovery session, we explore and research your existing financial products and position. From these we determine any gaps in your financial plan or alternative products that may deliver better outcomes.



We develop a comprehensive strategic financial plan starting with your current financial position and recommend effective ways to move forward. This financial plan becomes the working document for ongoing strategy implementation.



Implementation is where we start making your financial dreams a reality. We roll up our sleeves and get to work. The financial plan is put into action and we continue to monitor results against the desired outcomes and goals.

Financial Health Check

The first step to achieve your financial goals is to know where you are right now. This tool helps you analyze your current financial situation to determine where do you want to go and how do you plan to get there.